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2015 Detox- Are you Ready for 2015?

Dr. Hillary Lampers, ND //

Are you ready for 2015!  Is your body tired and sluggish from the holiday hangovers, and sugary binges?  Well we want to help you get back to basics and start the new year off right with a gentle and effective detoxification!  This detoxification is meant to be 14 or 21 days long and can help set you up again for a healthier body and mind in the new year! 

WE have a never ending toxic burden. Our physiology was indeed designed to detoxify continually, but mainly our natural, self made toxins. When many other toxins from our environment, our detox systems become overloaded. When the body is burdened with toxins we are unable to detoxify and excrete toxins fast enough so they are stored inside the body, usually in fat cells.

This 14 or 21 day detox is meant to help you begin the New Year right, and optimally should be done every season. Partnering with Designs for Health, the premiere medical supplement company and returning to a simple, clean diet, with exercise and other gentle detox methods, this detoxification is meant to get your organs of elimination working properly.

The 14 day detox is $139

The 21 day detox is $189

Whichever you chose, make sure you make it count by being prepared!  

The attached PDF powerpoint explains toxicity and how detoxification can help you, as well as a the supplement profile that is included.  Here at Sky Valley Healing Arts we are dedicated to your health and supporting you with this great first start to the New Year!

 You can email and get your kit ordered today!

 Nutritional support and coaching is also available by phone/Skype or in office with either Dr. Hillary Lampers or Dr. Katy Koukouras if you are looking to add more to your detox. (extra fee included) 

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